Discover The One Shockingly-Simple Marketing Strategy That Get's Total Online Strangers Begging To Do Business With You In As Little As 24 Hours!"

WITHOUT wasting another minute prospecting, creating tons of online content, or Even needing a Website...

(Even If You Started Your Business 5-Minutes Ago!)

Dear Friend...

If you’ve been wishing there was a better, easier, and faster way to get leads online, and grow your business fast without all the fuss of dead end prospecting, time consuming content creation, or the headaches of getting bogged down in fancy tech stuff.... then you’ll want to read every word of this letter.

But FIRST I Have a Confession to Make...

There’s a good chance that I’m going to tick some people off when I say what I’m about to say (maybe even some of my closest colleagues).

I hate to do that… but I have to be totally straight with YOU.

Because I know that YOU are starving for someone to finally give it to you straight about how to get fast and consistent results online in your business.

Hi, my name is Justice Eagan…

And even though I’ve been able to generate Millions of Dollars in sales online I’ve recently discovered something I’d wished I’d found much sooner…

I’ll tell you exactly what it is in just a second, but first I have to get  this off my chest.

This Is the Part Where I Possibly Get  Myself Into Some Deep Trouble…

If you’re trying to build your business but you’re still struggling...feeling like you’ve been constantly confused, overwhelmed, overworked… with embarrassingly little or no results to show for all your efforts…

It’s actually NOT your fault!

It Turns Out That Nearly Every Strategy Being Taught (Even When Effective)…Is Taking You theLong Way Around, Delaying Your Success, and Causing YOU to Work MUCH MUCH Harder Than You Need to Be.

I’ll prove ALL this to YOU as you keep reading…

The BIG problem is that you’re taking unnecessary steps to get your opportunity or products in front of your BEST PROSPECTS!

And it’s a shame. Because I NOW KNOW your results can come so much faster and easier.

The worst part?


Yep. I’m sadly not innocent in any of this either!

I simply didn’t know of this better way until not too long ago. And those gurus teaching you these strategies, must not know MY better way either.

I'll tell you why in just a second. But First...

Are You Doing Any of THESE Things to Try and Grow Your Business?

Chasing Around Warm Contacts

Have you made your memory jogger list of ALL the people you know (and have ever known) yet?

Scared to death to talk to them about your business opportunity?

Worse, have you brought it up so many times that people now avoid you?  

How many people have actually joined your business because they truly WANTED to build a home business vs. just because they feel bad to say no? Of those, how many became active distributors and went on to become leaders?  

The Dreaded 3 Foot Rule?

Do you see anyone within arm’s length with pulse as a prospect for your business?

Are you handing business cards or samples to people who you know deep down from the first 3 seconds… are not even slightly interested but simply do not want to be rude?

Have you scheduled home meetings with people who say yes to the meeting, but only cancel later?

Worse, how much time have you wasted in someone’s living room, giving them your presentation at the dining room table, just to have them say no after all that time spent?

Have you ever invited someone to a home party

What if there was a way to ONLY talk to people who come to YOU…practically begging to join you in your network marketing business?

Or Maybe You’ve Stepped It Up & Decided To Get Leads for Your Business Online?

Video Marketing

How much time do you waste, sitting and agonizing over how you look… or how your background looks before you even start shooting your videos?

Do you have a chronic fear of videos and can’t even hit record? Constantly worried about saying the right things?

How much time do you waste planning and scripting out what you’ll say in your videos?

How long does it take you to edit the video when you’re done?

Are you tired of constantly checking YouTube to see where your video is ranking? Worrying about views and nasty comments that people love to make?

What if you could get all the leads you need without ever creating YouTube video?


How much time do you sit there, trying to come up with a great topic for a blog post that people will respond to?

Are you like most bloggers spending hours implementing tedious Search Engine Optimization? 

Competing for the coveted top spots on Google’s first page…for highly competitive keywords?

Worse…how long does it take you to get leads (if any) from your blog posts? Weeks? Months?

What if you NEVER needed a Blog or search engine again to get leads? 

Social Media Prospecting

Are you spending countless hours on FB, Twitter, or Instagram trying to spark up a conversation with “prospects”… JUST so you can pitch your opportunity and product to people who can see right through you?

Tired of chatting back and forth with people for hours, days, and sometimes even weeks…just to hear them say “No thanks” in the end?

What if you could get leads, and speak ONLY to those people who already want and need what you have before you ever talk to them on Facebook?

Complicated Funnels

Have you pulled your hair out, night after night, trying to build an attractive lead generation website?

Does all the techy stuff give you a headache…but can’t afford to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have someone create your website for you?

Are you up until the wee-hours of the morning trying to learn how to write persuasively, so that the words on your website convert into leads and sales?

What if there was a way to get all the leads you’ll EVER need, WITHOUT A WEBSITE?

What if there  was a way to generate an endless supply of leads without dead end Social Media prospecting, time consuming content creation, or the frustrations of complicated web set up?

Don't Get Me Wrong...

All of the above works. I’ve proven it myself.

Heck, I’m known for teaching people just like YOU these same exact strategies.

In fact I’ve taught over 1000+ students through various courses.

Some have gone on to become award winning marketers, sought after speakers and trainers… and even #1 recruiters in their companies.

But I can't help to shudder when I think...

If I Knew THEN What I Know Now…and Have Spent the Last YEAR Testing and Perfecting…I Would Have Saved All Those Students So Much Time & Effort!

I’ll get into all of that soon, but let me ask…

Does Any of This Sound Familiar to YOU?

If any of the above is true…I’d like to PROVE that I’m that person, and that I’ve got the exact strategy you’ve been looking for!

Even if you deleted your blog, your website, and your YouTube  account…  you could STILL get all the leads you’ll ever need with this training.

(But don’t delete your Facebook account. I’ll tell you why in just minute!)…

Brian Finale

Co-Founder Of MLSP
Austin TX

Mark Harbert

Creator of “The No Fear Video Marketing System”  
Tampa FL  

Ryan McMorris

Award Winning Marketer & Home Business Owner
Greenville SC

The Social Testimonial Profits course has been, by far, the very best course that I have ever purchased over the last year (and possibly ever)! And to think that I almost didn’t register for this because I’ve been focused on other things in my business. I am SO glad that I got this course! The section on FB ads was worth 10 times the investment of the course alone. Thank you Justice, for such an extremely valuable course!!

Doug Allison

Owkinawa, Japan

Gil Arturo Lopez
Atlanta, GA  

Hands down this is the best course when it comes to FB ads, and no, it is not the first one I purchased… not only the amount of value and information it is great but the fact that you are challenging my stinking thinking not only when it comes to advertising, but other areas as well. Thank you Justice!

Absolutely worth every penny and hour spent! Justice Eagan you’ve gone above and beyond what I expected to get out this course. I so appreciate your knowledge and time. I look forward to seeing how my business grows after this!  

Jessica Sykes Wilson
Nashville , TN  

I'm not going to lie, my BIG BREAKTHROUGH came using strategies that it sounds like I'm railing against in this letter to you.

I Was Doing ALL the Things You're Likely Doing Now...

After being a broke waiter with an injured back (not a fun combo believe me) the network marketing industry found me as they say.

Yet I struggled big time…earning ONLY $98 bucks for my first entire 10 months.

I then found video marketing. I also had a blog. I also had a lead generation website. And I wrote and shared articles.

And when people started migrating to Facebook, I quickly did the same thing.

I produced mountains of content..and chatted up 1000’s of people on Facebook from 2012 to 2016.

I don’t regret any of that. Because I have the $6-Figure business that I have today because of it all.

The TWO Things Happened That Changed Everything!...

First… I got very tired of creating all that content.

Sound familiar?

Turned out that I was grinding out more hours on my home business, than I had been spending working full time as a waiter. I was finally making more money of course, and my sales and enrollments were through the roof… but the hours and sleepless nights were almost just as grueling at times.

Plus I noticed something about my students, teammates and clients…

Most of them just didn’t have the stomach for all of this content creation, which meant that a lot of people were dropping off and not succeeding in their business.

Which of course was decreasing my income and success.

I wanted a better, faster, and easier way for myself, and for people just like YOU to get more leads, sales, and enrollments whenever we wanted them?

After all, since the first moment I watched someone draw little circles on a paper, and heard them talk about time freedom – I was HOOKED!

But somehow my home business was making me time poor!


I realized that with EVERY piece of content that I created, the content that outperformed

all others had one element that trumped ALL else when it came to conversions.

Why Story Ads Work So Well...
It’s been proven over and over in the most brutal and competitive markets in the world… marketing with STORIES consistently obliterate statistic driven ads …

For instance… have you ever heard about the “$2 Billion Dollar Wall Street Journal Ad” written by the famous ad man Martin Conroy?

This is an ad that ran as a control from 1975 to 2003. I’ll do the math for you. That’s 28 years that one single ad out-sold all the other ads written for 1 company almost completely unchanged.

Just quickly read how this ad started:

“Dear Reader:

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same college. They were very much alike, these two young men. Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both – as young college graduates are – were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently, these two men returned to college for their 25th reunion.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had three children. And both, it turned out, had gone to work for the same Midwestern manufacturing company after graduation, and were still there.

But there was a difference. One of the men was manager of a small department of that company. The other was its president.

What Made The Difference?…”

STORY was the clear leading element of that ad, and the main reason why it worked so well. ($2 Billion Dollars well!)

 But that wasn’t the first time that STORY proved to be one of the most powerful marketing elements…

In 1926, ad man John Caples wrote an ad with the headline:

“They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano, But When I Started to Play…”

That headline has become one of the most ripped-off headlines in ad history.

It grabbed TONS of subscriptions for the U.S. School of Music. Through the mail no less.

When a prospect had to actually clip out the “pull sheet”, fill it out, put it in an envelope, stick a stamp on it, and send it in to WAIT for the product (or in this case…more information!!)

And yes…all because of the power of story.

Why STORIES Can Fill Your Downline, Skyrocket Sales, and Pull In ALL the Leads That You’ll Ever NEED!…

Here’s what happens…

Stories sneak into your prospect’s mind on a DEEP EMOTIONAL LEVEL.

The level where we TRULY make decisions.

Imagine if you had the ability to weave your way through your prospect’s subconscious mind, and basically hypnotize them into a trance…

And almost force them to imagine themselves in the hero of the story’s shoes.

Walking through the struggle, feeling the pain.

What if you could then guide them to a place where they come to a conclusion on their own that they absolutely NEED and WANT what you have?

That’s not science fiction.

 You don’t have to have any special powers to do this.
 Because a STORY… when presented correctly, in the right sequences,
hitting the right hot-spots
in your prospect’s mind can
do it all for YOU!


You don't have to be a brilliant ad man like Caples or Conroy to use storytelling as a highly-potent persuasion method.

You don't have to place expensive ads in newspapers or magazines.

You don't have to have a SUCCESS STORY of your own.

And you don't need a ton of money to start.
(In fact you can start TODAY with very little money!)

I'm sure that at this point you'd like to simply find out...

Where YOU Can Quickly (TODAY) Place Simple Story Ads Right In Front of YOUR Most Targeted Prospects and Get Leads, Downline Members, and Sales Almost Immediately!

Remember when I told you not to delete your Facebook account?

That’s because Facebook is the #1 spot I’ve found…after YEARS of targeting and testing… to find and target your most targeted prospects ONLINE with pinpoint accuracy.

In other words…the people who WANT, and NEED Exactly what YOU have to offer!!

The people trying desperately to hunt down prospects for their business all over the map…

Meanwhile they’re all hanging out right on Facebook!

I’ve spent countless hours, and tens of thousands of dollars to master Facebook targeting so that YOU don’t have to. In fact…

Once You Get INSIDE Social Testimonial Profits...

I’ll Reveal Exactly How You Can Immediately Get YOUR Story Ads Directly in Front of Your Best Prospects for

Only About $5 Dollars a Day!

(And I’ll Show You Exactly How to Create These Ads in Just 5 Simple Steps!)

Seen Enough?

Get Inside This Step-By-Step 4 Module Course (Plus BONUSES)
Right Now for a Limited Time

JUST $497


30 Day 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Now I know what you’re probably thinking…

“But Justice, I Don't Have Any Stories to Tell!”
or “I'm not good at creating stories”

Yes, I can read your mind.

But don’t worry…

You Don’t Even Have to Use Your Own Stories for Social Testimonial Profits…

In fact, I almost recommend that you don’t! Even if you DO have a story of your own.

You can use other people’s stories, and STILL make out like a bandit with this strategy!

That’s exactly what I’ve done over and over again, and it works like gangbusters.

It’s how I stumbled on this strategy as a matter of fact.

About a year ago, I needed to get an ad up quickly, because I needed fast leads for a big promotion that was happening right then.

I hadn’t personally had any time yet to use the product that was being promoted, but I knew it was awesome and I knew it would help a lot of people…

So I quickly wrote up a story about someone else’s results… and the response was insane!

I got a 500% return on my investment!

I knew I was onto something….So I worked on it and perfected it for about 1 year.

And now YOU can use the same strategy which I’ve laid out A-to-Z inside the ‘Social Testimonials Profits” strategy!

But Don't Take My Word for It...

Of course I could sit here until I’m blue in the face and tell you all about my success with this strategy.

However, if you’re anything like me, YOU like to see some PROOF that a strategy works for the average (or even less than average) guy or gal before you invest your hard-earned time or money.

I’ve already revealed this course to a very select few students who went on to create some pretty astounding results…

Pedro Neves

Full Time Nurse & Network Marketer

Fall River MA

Billy Inelus

Full Time Home Business Onwer

Toronto Ontario

Vitaliy Dubinin

6 Figure Online Marketers & Networker

Tel Aviv Israel

Adam Chandler

6 Figure Earner & 8 Year Home Business Professional

Denver CO

Antonio Thompson

Coach & Home Business Owner

Brooklyn NY

Arik Freeman

Home Business Entrepreneur

Your training is just excellent. Can’t tell you how many 7-figure marketers I’ve worked with, and NONE of them have ever suggested some of the things you have in your magic bag of tricks!!

Sharon Langston

Dallas, TX

Billy Inelus 

Toronto, Ontario Canada

WOW I’M SHOCKED! Tweaked my story ad and decided to try another picture with the same exact audience that I’ve been testing and… BOOYAAH! My new picture is winning (the loser was my previous winner) and I’m getting $0.46 comments!

Gotta give the creds to Justice!

I had paused my story ad for 24 hours to edit it, but had a full day yesterday and wasn’t able to get to it. Before bed I decided to run it again to see if maybe I could pick up a lead or two today. I woke up to 5 people requesting more information and 5 new page likes. What a pleasant surprise! Imperfect action wins again!

Chris Dahlgaard

Sarasota FL

Michael Lapetina 

Agoura Hills, California

Hey Guys! Just got up my first ad and within 8 hours I’m already setting up appointments with prospects!!! Thanks Justice Eagan… You Rock!!!

Get Everything You Need to Make It Happen Inside

the 'Social Testimonials Profits' Strategy

ALL Laid Out Step-By-Step Over 4 Simple-to-Follow Modules


Get Inside the Course NOW at a Special Discount and Start Creating
 Your First Story Ad TODAY for

JUST $497


30 Day 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Here's everything you Get access to inside Social Testimonial P.R.O.F.I.T.S...


Your Perfect Prospect PLAYBOOK...


Story Selling Secrets


Testimonial Deployment


The Ultimate Avatar Worksheet

Almost everyone gets this all wrong, so I decided to take the guess work out of it for you and make it easy to nail down your perfect prospects so you can stop wondering who they are and effortlessly start speaking directly to their pains and desires. Use this worksheet before you write your testimonial and you’ll know EXACTLY what to say to get more people reaching out to you to buy or join!

Medal Winning Story Swipe

If my high paying clients knew I was giving this to you so willy nilly they’d freak…because YOU are getting my most successful and profitable story ads EVER. These 3 stories alone have made me 10’s of thousands of dollars in just the last few months and you’re going to have access to these proven winners…word for word, before you ever write your first story!

Story Ad Cheat Sheet

Why try and remember all the moving parts of a successful story ad campaign YOU should focus on closing the prospects that come your way, and cashing your checks. So this cheat sheet will save you LOADS of time and help you avoid the biggest mistakes that cause so many people to fail miserably with ads.

The Ultimate List Of Power Words

Put your testimonial story on steroids, by taking out everyday boring language and replacing it with the most powerful, impactful and psychologically effective words in the entire English language. You can use these words to pack a punch in every sentence of your story, stand out from all the internet noise and grab the attention of your perfect prospect. Even if you stink at writing!

Fill In The Blank Power Statements

Get a list of Fool Proof fill in the blank copywriting gold so you can make powerful impactful statements about your product, service or opportunity and practically guarantee your prospects take immediate action. (This is like cheating, only it’s cool because I wrote them and I’m giving them to you) You’ll be able to take the details right from the Ultimate Avatar Worksheet and plug them into these statements so your stories start making you more sales fast!

Now that you see ALL that will be revealed inside the ‘Social Testimonial Profits” Strategy, it’s easy to see why it’s worth at LEAST

Which is why I’ll be raising the price very soon to $497 at a minimum.

Which is also why it’s a STEAL if you get it now at the ridiculously low
that I’ve placed it at for you.

My Social Testimonial P.R.O.F.I.T.S Course Is Considered By Many To Be The BEST Course They’ve Ever Purchased… and It’s Now Fully Updated & Better Than EVER Before!

I Haven’t Even TOUCHED On All Your Bonuses Yet!

You'll Receive ALL of These BONUSES Along With the 4 Step-by-Step Modules Above...

Story Review Vault

There’s no better way to learn this strategy (or any other) than to see the breakdown of actual story ads that have been created, reviewed, and tweaked until they became winners.

These are 10 Videos full of hot-seat sessions where I go through student’s stories, break them down line-by-line, and explain exactly how to make each section shine and get the best possible results. ALL through the experience and knowledge from obsessively testing and perfecting my own ads for 12 Months straight!

Copywriting Clinic

As an online marketer, there is no skill more vital to your success than to learn to persuade people with your words. That is exactly what copywriting is, and the better YOU are at it…the more money you make. Plain and simple!

This is a full-fledge standalone course that will let you quickly become a skilled persuader with every word you write online from here on out.

Find out how to suck people into your messages, tricks to keep them reading every word, trigger words and phrases to create desire in what you have to offer, and power techniques that will get them to take ACTION! (A.K.A. Pull out their credit cards and send you money!)

Live Stream Profits

Facebook Live is the hottest new power-tool for getting highly engaged and pinpoint-targeted leads and sales for your business.

You’ll get special VIP access to this Exclusive LIVE Training that will put your Social Testimonial Profits strategy on steroids. FB LIVE is still in it’s infant stages, and once you master it from from this training… you’ll become light-years ahead of your competition.

I’ll show you tips and tricks that will take make YOUR FB Live broadcasts stand out from the crowd and let you build and pre-sell custom audiences of prospects fully engaged and enthralled!

Video Ad Mastery

with Mark Harbert

Top-earner Mark Harbert is the go-to expert in the industry when it comes to video marketing. He used this marketing strategy to go from $0 to $5-Figures per month in 90 days for himself…and has gotten over 60K leads with video marketing.

This BONUS is Mark’s Proven Marketing Strategy That Combines The INSTANT Rapport of Video Marketing (With The Reach & Laser Targeting of Facebook) To Pull In All The Leads YOU Can Handle For YOUR Home Business.

This is a perfect addition to your Social Testimonial Profits strategy! Mark will guide you step-by-step through his video creation process so that you can create videos that tap directly into your prospects most burning wants and desires…with MASSIVE response!

Messenger Recruiting Secrets

with John Melton

John Melton is a $6-Figure Earner and Social Media phenom who’s built a global network marketing team of over 7000! He built this organization with an original 300 people he brought in just from social media alone!

This is a powerful bonus training where John will show you exactly how to easily and effectively reach out to people on Facebook, get a high response rate, and turn them into new sign-ups!

During this interview John reveals: How to effectively make initial contact – How to move the conversation to the phone – How to keep the conversation going – When he presents a link to his offers – And very importantly…where he sees other people getting all of this wrong.

All with FB Messenger! This is 1st hand knowledge from a guy who’s built his entire $6-Figure business with this exact strategy!

Turn Comments Into Customers

with  Antonio Thompson

Comments on your Story Ads are golden opportunities to take a prospect from Facebook stranger to Loyal Customer

In BONUS interview… you’ll get his PROVEN STRATEGY to get prospects who comment on your ads to actually read your personal FB message, respond to your message, and steer them to a point where they realize that YOU are the one they’ve been looking for to solve their problems.

He’ll show you how toSteer the conversation in the right direction, build LIKE and TRUST, counter objections, get them to a capture page right away

And even set up IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENTS to present your network marketing opportunity by phone or face-to-face!

Social Testimonial Profits
Facebook Group

If you’ve ever bought a marketing course and immediately felt alone and afraid after your purchase…with nobody there to guide you through the sticking points… this is your guarantee that it won’t happen with ‘Social Testimonial Profits.

This is a Private FB Group dedicated ONLY to those who are on the same journey as you are. It’s your chance to get your questions answered right away by ME (yes I’m actually in there quite a lot!), by your fellow students, or by students who are already having killer results with this strategy.

The Social Testimonial Profits Private FB Group is your safe zone to learn and be supported!

This BONUS gives you no-choice but to become much more effective at writing profitable story ads!

Cash In On Webinars

This Full 4 Module Course (Which Retails Online at $297) Will Teach You Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know To Create A Windfall Of Profit With The Most Powerful Online Sales Medium That Exists…WEBINARS!

I’ve just added $1,476 in value to this already jam-packed training with these bonuses!
And if you think about the 12 months, and the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent perfecting this strategy… it would still be a bargain.

The Is the 1ST Strategy I Now Teach My Highest Paying Coaching Clients…

They pay me the big bucks to get coaching, and the one thing they ALL want…

just like you I assume…is FAST RESULTS!

Don’t Take My Word For It… Check Out What Students Have Said About
My Social Testimonial P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Course…  

Get Access to “Social Testimonial Profits” RIGHT Now and Finally Have Leads, New Sign Ups & Sales Flowing Into Your Business By Using Simple Story Ads on Facebook!

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…

All I ask is that you go through the 4 core modules of that course.  If after that… for any reason you don’t feel it was worth every penny.  Simply send an email to support@justiceeagan.com and we’ll send you a full refund.

To Your Success,

Justice Eagan

P.S. The ‘Social Testimonial Profits’ strategy was set up so that anybody at ANY experience level can take it and run. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never written an ad, or used Facebook’s Paid Advertising platform in your life. It’s all laid out step by step…and you’ll frankly walk away knowing more about marketing effectively than 99% of the marketers online.

P.P.S. What will your business look like in 6 months from now? Will you still be STUCK right where you’re at today? Struggling to bring in a consistent flow of leads? Struggling to fill your downline? Struggling to get product sales? OR…

Will you have a consistent flow of leads coming in daily? Will your downline be FULL of go-getters earning YOU residual income? Will product sales be through the roof? (With the least bit of time and effort on marketing and content creation that you’ve ever experienced?)

It’s up to the decision you make TODAY! Grab “Social Testimonial Profits” Now!

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